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About us

The SMAT Seamex LLC survey company has been keeping track of its history since 1997, being the legal successor of the Private Unitary Servicing Company for the provision of services "Seames-Expertise".

The company provides survey services for all types of cargo, including the inspection of cargo, the state of packaging and vehicles for all types of transport, and also provides services on inspection, examination, quality control and quantity of various goods, monitoring of loading and unloading.

Years of experience, combined with the high level of professionalism of our employees have created company reputation as a reliable and responsible partner. Customers of our services act as resident companies of the Republic of Belarus and partners from the countries of the European Union (EU), the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and other regions.


Survey of cargo
  • Prev loading and loading inspection for quality certification
    and / or cargo quantities
  • Quality control and / or quantity of goods during the transition zone
  • Tally account
  • General continuous loading / unloading control
  • Control over the placement and securing of goods in conveyances
  • Sampling for laboratory testing
Monitoring compliance with technological schemes and methods of loading and unloading.
Inspection of the technical condition of containers, including the inspection of damage to containers and / or cargo transported in them.
Determination of factors affecting the safety of goods transported, development and implementation of measures that exclude cargo theft during transportation / storage (Loss prevention surveys).
Monitoring of used lifting mechanisms and lifting devices.
Surveyor inspection of cars, agricultural and construction equipment, their components.
Monitoring storage and inspection sites.

Quality control

The strategic goal of the management and all personnel of SMAT Seamex LLC is sustainable development in the field of quality assurance.

The following principles were chosen to achieve the goal:

  • High-quality customer service in full.
  • Compliance with professional standards and the application of international quality principles.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Preventing inconsistencies in service delivery processes.
  • Creating conditions for staff development and professional growth.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of work performed within his competence.
  • Compliance with partnerships, willingness to learn from positive experience and unshakable
    compliance with international professional standards.

Achieving the goals and objectives We implement through:

  • Providing high-quality services, just in time, with a high level of customer service.
  • The development and implementation of new types of services that are adequate to market requirements and
    customer expectations.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system through formulation, analysis and
    achieving the quality goals set in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000.
  • Creating a favorable creative atmosphere, advanced training and high level support
    staff competency.
  • Regular monitoring of the quality of services, compliance with professional standards,
    improving methods, developing new quality criteria and monitoring the professional market
  • Regular analysis and review of the provisions of this Policy.
  • Bringing information to staff.
  • Management takes full responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Policy and
    undertakes to constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and asks all employees
    do the same.

Work principles


  • — Each employee of the Company meets the Codex and voluntarily declares its consent to be guided by it in their professional activities.


  • — Company employees must strictly observe the principle of independence of the surveyor activities;
  • — Company employees should not perform survey services if they are reasonably available. Doubts about their independence from the customer and his officials;
  • — The principle of independence of the surveyor may be deemed violated when the surveyor or his nearest relatives, are involved in any way in the financial and production activities of the Customer or receive additional remuneration from him in any form;
  • — An employee of the Company can work for more than one participant in the transport process only from written consent of all participants;
  • — An employee of the Company cannot perform any other functions in the transport process, except surveyor functions.


  • — All conclusions, conclusions and recommendations set out in the survey report should be based on objective and comprehensive study and analysis of the most complete amount of information. Company member must clearly distinguish in surveyor’s acts between objectively existing facts and his views, assumptions and versions;
  • — Company employees should not allow bias towards the information received and do not give in to any pressure from outside which may distort the objectivity of their judgments;
  • — A Company employee must avoid distorting or disguising from the Customer any additional information that became known to him in the process of completing the application in relation to the object being examined;
  • — An employee of the Company must take all measures to obtain evidence related to to the business, protecting and promoting the interests of the Customer, which does not exempt the Company’s employee from Objectivity and impartiality obligations;
  • — An employee of the Company should not use the Customer’s ignorance of the details of the case or his incompetence, for more profit;
  • — If any of its errors or inaccuracies are found, in the surveyor materials transferred to the Customer survey, a Company employee must immediately notify the Customer and report back to his immediate supervisor;
  • — All survey reports must be signed with the signature and personal seal of the surveyor.


  • — When starting a survey service, an employee of the Company must be confident in his competence, possess the necessary amount of knowledge and skills in order to guarantee professional performance applications;
  • — A Company employee must refrain from a survey service that goes beyond his competence, or require the management of the Company to engage competent consultants to assist
    in the execution of the application;
  • — An employee of the Company is obliged to constantly improve their professional level.


  • — All information received by an employee of the Company during the execution of an application is confidential and not to be disclosed in any form to third parties;
  • — The Survey Act is the property of the Customer, in the prescribed manner transferred to him after end of work and may not be used in any way by an employee of the Company without a written Customer permissions.

Fair competition

  • — Company employees should be kind to employees of other survey organizations. When fulfilling requests at one facility, be guided by the principles of cooperation in order to identify truths to protect the legitimate interests of their customers and refrain from deliberate actions, damaging reputation of colleagues in the profession;
  • — Company employees must refrain from discussing with third parties business and professional qualities of competitors;
  • — Company employees must be guided by the principles of quality improvement in competition. Surveyor services, expanding their range and optimizing Customer’s costs for their payment.


  • — Violators of ethical standards set forth in this Code disrespect others employees of the Company and cause them moral and material damage;
  • — Every employee of the Company who has been criticized for violating the norms of professional ethics has the right to demand that the Company’s management conduct an investigation into the allowed deviations from the norms, stipulated by this Code. The investigation should be based on the principles objectivity and impartiality. At the request of the employee, an investigation may be conducted.
  • — Company management is obliged to constantly monitor strict compliance with all employees of the company standards that are summarized in this Code. In relation to violators of the norms of the present Code Guide.
  • — Companies must take strict disciplinary action.